P. To. Box 5432

Cameron, PA 79087

January 10, 2011

Jeremy Dittmer

Employee Relationships Specialist/Manager

123 Park St

Richland, PA 79087

Special Mr. Dittmer,

My name is Diane Smith; I actually am a great administrative associate for your Resources Division of Broadworth General Hospital. I work under Miriam Hopkins. She gets given me personally the responsibility to set up a training seminar. She chatted very very of your firm, Wadade Talking to Services. We certainly have used your company for over 20 yrs. I am trying to do a workshop covering the subject areas of Sex Harassment, and Unlawful Splendour in the Place of work. It only needs to be 2hrs. long. I would really like to demand a trainer that can cover these specific topics. I would also like a directory of the resources the trainer will require during this seminar. Thank you for your business. As always it is a pleasure doing business with you.

Truly yours,

Diane Smith

Administrative Assistant


TO: Director of Recruiting FROM: Diane Smith

DATE: January 25, 2011

SUBJECT: April twenty-one, 2011- Seminar


Mister. Jeremy Dittmer has delivered a conformation saying anything is a proceed.

1 . Deb Walker – Trainer

N. [email protected] com

2 . Apr 21st for 9am- Broadworth General Medical center

I have doubled checked anything for the seminar. Tables and chair are provided. I possess set for beverages to become available. Also, pens and paper will probably be provided to adopt notes.

Sincerely yours,

Diane Jones

To: N. [email protected] com

Cc: Jeremy. [email protected] com

[email protected] org

Subject matter: Conformation- 04 21st

Ms. Walker,

This really is a friendly tip for the seminar for Broadworth Standard Hospital. The address is usually 124 Fairview Dr . Cameron j., PA 79087. It is on the 21st of April at 9am sharp. Go to the key entrance in the hospital, to the second ground. Room 201-B. Thanks for you...


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