What is a knowledge-based system?

A method which is developed around a expertise base. i. e. an amount of knowledge, taken from a human, and stored in such a way which the system can easily reason with it. Example:

System: Precisely what is the patient's name?

User: George Cruz

System: Precisely what is the patient's age?

User: 52 years

System: Is a patient male or female?

User: Man

System: Precisely what are the symptoms?

User: Headaches dizziness disappointed stomach high fever

Program: When did these symptoms first appear?

User: 23/03/2002

System: I conclude the fact that patient includes a viral contamination, my advice is that he should take two aspirin, drink plenty of smooth, get plenty of rest.

Precisely what is knowledge?

Know-how is the sort of information that individuals use to solve problems. Know-how includes details, concepts, techniques, models, heuristics, etc . Expertise may be:

* specific or perhaps general

5. exact or fuzzy

* procedural or perhaps declarative

What is an expert system?

* A particular kind of knowledge-based system

* One out of which the understanding, stored in the knowledge base, has been taken from a specialist in some particular field. Consequently , an expert system can, to some extent, act as a substitute for the expert by whom the knowledge was used. What is Manufactured Intelligence?

Man-made Intelligence (AI) is concerned with exploring this kind of aspects of human (and additional animal) mental activity since: * understanding

* creativity

* Belief

* problem-solving

* awareness

5. using language

* Cleverness by simulating them applying computers.

It is therefore carefully connected with this sort of social savoir as: 2. psychology

5. linguistics

2. philosophy

Utilized Artificial Intelligence

What is applied AI?

Used AI is concerned with creating software which can be " intelligent” It is clever in that it can be based on whatever we know about human reasoning and also other mental abilities We are for that reason talking about a branch of advanced computing -- computer technology - rather than sociable science Expertise engineering

The definition of " understanding engineering” is often used to indicate the process of creating, building and installing a specialist system or perhaps other knowledge-based system. Some authors utilize the term to mean just the knowledge acquisition phase. Experts

An expert can be an experienced doctor in his/her particular discipline. More than that, he is a highly effective problem-solver and decision-taker in this field. Professionals have three qualities:

5. They make great decisions

* They make these decisions quickly

* They are able to handle a wide range of concerns.

Experts and expert devices

Note that:

The task that an experienced system performs will generally be regarded as difficult. An expert system generally operates in an extremely narrow field of knowledge. The field expertise is called the ability domain with the system. There are numerous fields exactly where expert devices can usefully be built. There are also many fields where they can't. Note also that an expert can usually explain and warrant his/her decisions.

Reasons for building an E. S.

A single might build an expert program for any or all of the subsequent reasons: 2. To organize an expert's knowledge, to insure against the day once he/she leaves, or retires, or passes away. * To disseminate his or her knowledge, so that it is available in more (possibly many more) places than the precise location of the expert. * To ensure order, regularity of advice/decisions.

* Being a basis to get training various other specialists.

Features of expert devices

E. H. have the subsequent advantages over human experts:

* The ability is long term

* The knowledge is definitely replicated

2. The knowledge is usually represented explicitly, and can be evaluated * The program is steady - although human experts have negative days, pcs don't. 5. Once constructed, running costs are low

Cons of experienced systems

a) Developing a professional system generally costs significant amounts of time...


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