Task A - Know the dimensions of the structure of education coming from early years to publish compulsory education (1. 1/ 1 . 2/ 1 . 3) 1 . Determine six several categories of school.

For every category, put together brief notes about the way they are owned or operated, managed and financed, plus the curriculum they can be required to stick to. Type of schoolOwnedManagedFinancedcurriculum

Community colleges

Foundation and Trust colleges

Voluntary-aided schools/voluntary–controlled schools

Expert Schools

Self-employed Schools


Free Universities

2 . For the school you happen to be familiar with:

a) Identify which of the above types of school that falls in. b) Describe how the way the school is definitely managed displays the details included in the short notes ready for each category? 3. Make a presentation or information leaflet for parents on the school which usually explains the different stages of education from the early years to the end of compulsory education (remember to add entitlement and provision to get early years educational) 4. Summarise the options available to students in the age of 16 Task B - Know how schools happen to be organised when it comes to roles and responsibilities (2. 1/ installment payments on your 2) 1 ) Draw a great organisation chart, identifying people that have responsibility pertaining to strategic managing and operational management to get a school you are familiar with. 2 . Explain the strategic reason for:

a)school governors

b)a senior management staff

c)other lawful roles e. g. SENCO, Foundation Stage Leader d)teachers

e)other support staff electronic. g. Learning Mentors, Instructing Assistants, Midday Assistants

3. Name several types of external specialists (i. at the. someone certainly not employed by the school) whom may work using a school e. g. educational psychologist. Publish brief remarks on the role of each.

Task C - Figure out school cast, mission, aspires and values (3. 1/ 3. 2) For a institution you know about, obtain a replicate of the school's ‘mission statement' or...


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