п»їThere are many wonderful reports created but the two testimonies I like greatest are " The Necklace” and В

" Tone of voice Tape. ” I like this kind of two as it can happen actually and it can maneuver every people's heart in В

a few ways. Furthermore, both of the stories offer a moral lesson on how to handle our your life positively and В

the way you must face and get over every trouble we encounter. These two stories as well give significant to В

our responsibilities in life and we must not merely rely on others even it can be our family affiliate. В

The story of " The Necklace” happened in Mr. and Mrs. Loisel's house, Mrs. Forester's property, a В

night on the party and a shop in the Plais Regal. In this history, I think Mathilde is the one narrating the В

story due to the fact that the entire story revolved around her. While in the tale of " Voice Tape” it В

happened at home of the taxi cab driver and he is also the one narrating the whole account. В

You will discover four primary characters in the story of " The Necklace”. Mrs. Mathilde Loisel, the partner, В

she actually is ambitious and self-centered. Mister. Loisel, the husband, he was industrious, faithful, kind and В

understanding. Mister. Rampouneau, Minister of Education, the person who also invited Mister. and Mrs. Loisel in В

the party and last Mrs. Forester, friend of Mathilde, lend her the diamonds necklace. The part of the story В

where the issue happened can be when Mathilde lost the necklace and Loisel tried to search for it in many В

places actually in the law enforcement officials headquarters, for the newspaper to provide a reward and also to the truck's cab, but he В

discovered nothing. В Compared to the " Voice Tape”, there are many characters in the account. Taxi driver, В

the individual who acquired the clutch i465 black bag that contained 3 old t-shirts and recording that still left by the guy В

traveling. Mente Biglang-awa, husband of Dely, employed in abroad to get of help in paying his family's В

debts. Dely, a loyal, loving and caring wife and parents. Bestre, eldest and thoughtful buddy of В

Mente and other loving member of the family of Mente: grandmother, grandfather, son and daughter. In this В

account, the issue is whether the taxi driver look for the owner of the recording and returning it, or В

he will probably just spend no brain to this and let this be.

The storyplot of " The Necklace” is spinning around Mathilde, she was ambitious and not beenВ В В В В В В В В

asserted in their position in world. One day, these people were invited in the party by Minister of Education, В

so the lady asked her husband to provide her some cash to buy new dress and because they don't have some В

money to obtain jewelries, the lady just acquire the diamond necklace of Mrs. Forester. But following the party, the moment В

they got home Mathilde notice that the necklace was lost, so they need to work harder to be able to get the В

replacing the diamonds necklace that worth thirty-six, 000 dextre. Then one day Mathilde saw Mrs. Forester В

and informed how her look transformed a lot. Mathilde said the fact to Mrs. forester that it was because of В

her that they were doing work all days and nights for 10 years just to spend all the debt, because that they В

took out money only to bought a replacing the diamonds necklace and give it back with her but В

Mrs. Forester didn't notice it in any way and informed Mathilde that her my own was bogus and it merely requires worth five-hundred francs. В

This account basically wants to tell us that in life we must have contentment and pleasure because В

wanting even more might lead to hard times that you failed to expect to happen. While in " Words Tape” it was В

exactly about the taxi driver who have found a clutch bag in his taxi that kept by a voyager male he took to the В

MIA. The tote contained three old t shirts and a voice strapping and it had been addressed to Mente Biglang-awa В

at Al-hasal Development Co., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He felt the urge to listen to the tape. The tape В

contained a message from Mente's family members that talks about their personal requirements, their bills and В

how they overlooked him. This story show that we...


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